Cockroaches Control Treatment


Treatment & Procedure of Gel Treatment

GEL TREATMENT especially for the cockroach control. Gel is truly innovative product that will attract Cockroaches while the normal spraying method will repel them in the non treated area. The food based Gel is highly attractive and can draw Cockroaches to feed on it, once they have eaten Gel the Cockroaches can contaminate each other by exchanging the food. They also cannibalise dead carcasses and eat the excrement of the other Cockroaches, allowing the transmission of Gel to previously unaffected Cockroaches. This produces a “cascade effect” which extends the activity of Gel ensuring that the Cockroaches are fully controlled.

Gel is odorless and can be applied in sensitive area such as Kitchen, Offices, Bathrooms, Electrical Appliances etc. where spray can not done, the method of application causes no disturbance to customers. NOW NO PRECAUTION, NO NEED TO REMOVE YOUR KITCHEN STUFF, NO NEED TO COVER YOUR SENSITIVE ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT’S we make easiest way of Fumigation just for you. Only Spray at wash rooms & out side manholes.

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