Termite Treatment


The World of Invisible Organized Enemy

TERMITES are social insects that eat woods. There are two basic types of Termites, one that live entirely in wood. And the other that can build tunnel in the ground.

WORKERS: Generally the most of the workers take care of the royal couple. In addition the maintain the nest by looking after the nymphs & eggs.

SOLDIERS: They defend the colony. (Soldiers & Workers are generally blind.)

KING & QUEEN: The King always remains with the Queen and they mate from time to time. As the largest individual of the colony, the Queen can produce 70,000 to 80,000 eggs in 24 hours, i.e., approximately 30 million eggs / year.

The Queen can live for more then 50 years.

Termite Proofing Treatment:

TERMITE (DEEMAK) CONTROL for white ants through drilling & spraying method mentioned below & using the imported latest equipment’s with Imported safe & international approved pesticides & professional standards of W.H.O. (UN), FAO (UN), EPA (USA) & NPMA (USA).

Procedure for Termite Proofing:

  •  Drilling at ground floor with wall to wall 4 to 7 fits at in side the buildup area.
  •  Drilling at surrounding out side buildup area wall especially at basement area.
  •  Drilling in the center/with pillars of Godown.
  •  Drill bit depth is 16/18 inch’s and dia is 1 inch.
  •  Injection the water base diluted termiticide in each hole.
  •  Fill up the holes with the matching flourish.
  •  Finally spraying at all effected area and different locations
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