Pest Control Services


Termite Treatment

TERMITES are social insects that eat woods. There are two basic types of Termites, one that live entirely in wood. And the other that can build tunnel in the ground.

Bedbugs Treatment

BED BUGS CONTROL for control of bed bugs insects through general spraying at effected bed, Mattress, sofa, chairs, & wall-to-wall spray & selected portion of different locations.

General Fumigation

For all kinds of crawling & flying insects especially for the cockroach control through general spray at all sewerage system, bath rooms, kitchen & selected portion of different locations.

Water Tank Cleaning

Water Tanks Cleaning and chemical treatment of all under ground and cleaning of overhead water tanks using latest & scientific method.

Mosquitoes / Dengue Spray

Flying insects especially for the mosquito, dengue mosquito through general spray at inside the department at sewerage systems.

Cockroaches Control Treatment

GEL TREATMENT especially for the cockroach control. Gel is truly innovative product that will attract Cockroaches while the normal spraying method will repel them in the non treated area.

Rats Control

Rodent Control for the all kinds of rat/mouse, controlling of rats through three steps.